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Mizushima (JPMIZ)

Mizushima, Okayama ken, Japan

Port Code JPMIZ Port Name Mizushima
City Mizushima Country/Region Japan
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 34.504705 Longitude 133.7141
The Port of Mizushima (Port Code:JPMIZ) plays an important role in trade relationships with eastern China. It also supports a changing fishing industry and is an important fishing port. It lies on the northern shores of southern Japan’s Seto Inland Sea in Okayama Prefecture about 132 kilometers west-southwest of the Port of Kobe. The Port of Mizushima sits on an artificial island at the rear of the Mizushima Marine Industrial Area, promoting its value as a shipment center for containerized cargo, particularly in an age when ocean-going vessels and their cargo are increasing every day.
The Port of Mizushima’s Container Terminal covers about 33 hectares and includes two quays. One quay can accommodate container ships to 30 thousand DWT with alongside depth of 12 meters, and the other serves container ships to 10 thousand DWT with alongside depth of 10 meters. The harbor plan will bring all depths to 12 meters. The unit load terminal within the Container Terminal covers a pier site of 16 hectares and includes four berths with alongside depth of 7.5 meters that can accommodate freighters to five thousand DWT.

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