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Mikawa (JPMIK)

Mikawa, Aichi ken, Japan

Port Code JPMIK / JPMKW Port Name Mikawa
City Mikawa Country/Region Japan
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 34.803585 Longitude 137.1959
Mikawa Port (Port Code:JPMIK) is known all around Japan as Japan’s first port to handle the import of automobiles, and it is used by large automobile manufacturers inside and outside Japan as a location for importing and exporting automobiles. The Mikawa Port is located in the middle of Japan and serves as a trading port where finished vehicles and timbers are imported and exported. Mikawa Port is a port that spans Toyohashi City, Tahara City, Gamagori City, and Toyokawa City in the depths of Mikawa Bay and Atsumi Bay in the eastern part of Aichi Prefecture.
The port manager is Aichi Prefecture. It is designated as an important port under the Port Law and a specified port under the Port Regulations Law. Many domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers are the main ports, and the amount and number of finished automobiles are the highest in Japan, and the amount and number of exports are the second. Nagoya Port, Bremerhafen Port in Germany, Sev Rouge Port in Belgium, Along with Brunswick Port in the United States (Georgia), it is one of the world's leading automobile ports. It is also known as the home port of the America's Cup Japan national team, and has abundant resort facilities.

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