Mezen Port (RUMES)

Port Code RUMES / RUMEZ City Mezen
Port Name MEZEN Country/Region Russia
Category Port City Route EUROPEAN BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Mezen Port (RUMES)


      A port in Russia. When the east 3 standard is adopted. The maximum draft is 4.2m. The loading density of water is 1000. The average tidal change is 2.8 meters. The port authority is the Meijin port authority. Forced pilotage. The port radio call signal "uzt" has a frequency of 500kc / s. Working hours can be agreed. Service facilities include: ship repair, tugboat, fuel tank, fresh water, motorboat, food supply, medical facilities, no sewage, dry dock, repatriation, etc. Meijin is a special timber port. The dam is used as a mooring berth. At low tide, the front water depth is 3.5 meters. There is a T-type berth with the front water depth of 6.5 meters. Mobile cranes are used to transport timber. Covered warehouses and open storage yards are built. Towing is not compulsory during mooring, but it is limited to daytime. The use of tug is decided by the master. Only accept small boat repair. There is no dry dock in the port. Fuel supply is not guaranteed and fresh water is available at the berth.

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Summary of RUMES

The seaport of Mezen (Port Code:RUMES) is located in the north-western part of the White Sea in the undercurrent of the Mezen River flowing into Mezen Bay. Navigation starts at the beginning of June and completes in the first half of October. The draught of vessels calling at the port shall not exceed 4.5m at the period of spring tide and 3.9m at the period of neap tide, the length shall be at least 120m and the width shall not exceed 15m. No special berths are allocated to load sea vessels at the port of Mezen. Handling operations are performed at the inner road using floating cranes. Handling of cargoes from barges and back is carried out at the navigational pier in the Krivka port area and at the drying wooden pier in the settlement of Kamenka. Timber cargoes are loaded to vessels using a metal mooring float provided by the Mezen Timber Plant for a period of navigation. Handling and processing of cargoes (general and timber cargoes, low-capacity containers, coal etc.) is carried out by OAO Mezen Sea Commercial Port. Local passenger transportations are also carried out during the period of navigation.