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Mexico City (MXMEX)

Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico

Port Code MXMEX Port Name Mexico City
City Mexico City Country/Region Mexico
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 19.4323 Longitude -99.1327
Mexico City Port (Port Code: MXMEX) is located in the capital and largest city of Mexico, Mexico City. Mexico City is one of the most important cultural and financial centers in the world. It is located in the Valley of Mexico, a large valley in the high plateaus in the center of Mexico, at an altitude of 2,240 meters. Greater Mexico City has a GDP of $411 billion in 2011, which makes it one of the most productive urban areas in the world. The city was responsible for generating 15.8% of Mexico's GDP, and the metropolitan area accounted for about 22% of the country's GDP. If it were an independent country in 2013, Mexico City would be the fifth-largest economy in Latin America. Mexico City has many modes of public transportation, from the metro (subway) system, to suburban rail, light rail, regular buses, BRT (bus rapid transit), 'pesero' minibuses, and trolleybuses, to bike share.

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