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Merca (SOMER)

Merca, Lower Shebelle Region, Somalia

Port Code SOMER Port Name Merca
City Merca Country/Region Somalia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 1.7130325 Longitude 44.77036
The Port of Merca (Port Code:SOMER), also known as Merca Port, is the official seaport of Merca, situated in southeastern Somalia. It is classified as a jetty class port. It has a harbour as well as a pier which juts into the Somali Sea. The port consists of an open roadstead at which vessels work cargo using lighters. The winds and currents in the area vary according to the season.
Originally -and for many centuries- there were only fishing activities in the beach of the small coastal village now called Merca. The port of Merca (and the city) was abandoned by government forces and captured by Al-Shabaab in February 2016. It was recaptured by the Somali National Army along with African Union troops, a few days later. A small battle was fought in which a Somali soldier, several militants, and four civilians died.

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