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Mazatlan (MXMZT)

Mazatlan, State of Sinaloa, Mexico

Port Code MXMZT Port Name Mazatlan
City Mazatlan Country/Region Mexico
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 23.196815 Longitude -106.4117
Mazatlan (Port Code:MXMZT) today is one of the Mexico's largest cargo ports. The Puerto de Mazatlán lies on the north-central shores of western México east of the tip of Baja California in the State of Sinaloa. The port has 12 wharves mainly handling general cargo and ferries, there are also facilities for tankers and cruise vessels. The port handles many industrial cargoes like rolled steel, containers, and automobiles. It also handles large volumes of bulk products and fish meal.
The number of cruise ships to Mazatlan (scheduled / booked port calls) for 2016 was 94, bringing over 300,000 tourists. The port's business peak was in 2010 - with a total of 194 calls. In 2011, the port took a steep fall due to severe drug wars that prompted all major cruise lines to pull their ships out.

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