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Massawa (ERMSW)

Massawa, Northern Red Sea region, Eritrea

Port Code ERMSW Port Name Massawa
City Massawa Country/Region Eritrea
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 15.608405 Longitude 39.46306
Massawa (Port Code:ERMSW) is a port city in the Northern Red Sea region of Eritrea, located on the Red Sea at the northern end of the Gulf of Zula beside the Dahlak Archipelago. It has represented a historically important port for many centuries. The port of Massawa, as the main service port for Eritrea, is served by national registered coastal vessels and by liner feeder container ships from Saudi Arabia, Djibouti and the Yemen. Other general cargo and bulk vessels use the port delivering food, grains, cement and a range of construction and consumer goods. Containerization of cargo is increasing steadily, and the port has responded to that demand by the development of a new multi-purpose terminal with space for the handling and storage of containers, including refrigerated and hazardous goods. The port has six cargo berths with a total length of 1007 meters. Four of these berths form a continuous length, with berths No.1 and 2 set off by about 15 meters each to northwards.

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