Masan (KRMAS)

Port Code KRMAS City Changwon
Port Name Masan Country/Region Korea, South
Category Port Route SOUTH KOREAN
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Masan (KRMAS)



      Korean commercial port. It is located in the north section of Zhenhai Bay in the southeast of the Korean Peninsula, adjacent to the Korean Strait in the East. It is 10 nautical miles to zhenhaigang in the southeast, 40 nautical miles to Pusan port, 97 nautical miles to Lishui port in the west, 163 nautical miles to Jeju port and 222 nautical miles to mupu port. The tide in Hong Kong is a semidiurnal tide type. The high tide of spring tide is 1.9 m, the average bottom tide is 0.2 m, the high tide of neap tide is 1.4 m, and the low tide is 0.7 M. 20000 DWT ships with 210 m long and 11 m maximum draught are allowed to enter the port. The port area is located in the northwest coast of the bay. The main equipment includes: Terminal 1, 445 m long and 8 m deep, which can reliably berth two 8000 DWT ships for bulk cargo; Terminal 2 is 385 meters long and only 5 meters deep. It can berth two 1000 ton ships reliably; Terminal 3, 420 meters long and 11 meters deep, reliably berths two 20000 DWT ships for bulk cargo; No. 4 wharf is 1050 meters long, with 5 20000 DWT ships berthed reliably, and the water depth at the front is 11 meters; Terminal 5 is 240 meters long and 11 meters deep. Together with terminal 4, it is used for handling miscellaneous goods and containers. There are also some small and medium-sized berths. There are more than 10 berths in Hong Kong, with an annual throughput of more than 5 million tons. For half a year, coal, ore, steel, grain, groceries, textiles, aquatic products, etc. It was established as a commercial port in 1898 and served as an auxiliary port of Busan for a long time. With a population of 400000, Hong Kong is the largest city in South Qingshang Road, with a relatively developed industry and commerce, especially in electronics, textile and chemical industries. The wine industry is also famous. There are famous summer resort and cold resort such as moon shadow platform and majinshan hot spring.

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Summary of KRMAS

Masan (Port Code:KRMAS) served as a significant port city of Happo, which went through rapid modernization in the 19th century. Today, Masan Port is one of the city's most dominating features. It was first opened in 1901. The port connects much of the outside world with the Changwon Industrial Complex, Masan's Free Trade Zone and the future Sachun Industrial Complex.
The port's geographic location and continued development make it a major hub for the Pacific region, especially container routes operating between China, Japan, and SE Asia. The Masan Free Trade Zone, Changwon Industrial Complex, and Sachum Industrial Complex are all located near the port.