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Mariel (CUMAR)

Mariel, Artemisa, Cuba

Port Code CUMAR Port Name Mariel
City Mariel Country/Region Cuba
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 23.00075 Longitude -82.762485
Mariel (Port Code:CUMAR) is a deep-water port, which is strategically located at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico, facing the United States and will be able to accommodate the world's largest cargo ships. Mariel Port, opened in 2014, is capable of managing 824,000 containers a year, a capacity that could increase up to 1 million containers. The $1 billion project that includes the terminal, and the rail and highway serving it, was financed mostly by Brazil’s Development Bank. The port, operated by Singapore firm PSA International, can be extended more than a mile to handle as many as 3 million containers a year. The Mariel terminal, with its four hulking post-Panamax cranes visible from afar, has the capacity to handle around 800,000 cargo containers annually, compared to Havana’s 350,000. Cuba hopes to develop the Mariel industrial park in order to ship more Cuban exports from the terminal, too.

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