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Maputo (MZMPM)

Maputo, Maputo, Mozambique

Port Code MZMPM Port Name Maputo
City Maputo Country/Region Mozambique
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -25.97 Longitude 32.564
The Port of Maputo (Port Code:MZMPM), also called the Maputo-Matola port complex, is a Mozambican port located in the cities of Maputo and Matola. They are installed in Maputo Bay, on the north bank of the Espírito Santo estuary, which is separated from the Mozambique Channel by the islands of Inhaca and Portugueses and by the Machangulo peninsula. There are two main components to the port, the Maputo Cargo Terminals, which include the Citrus, Sugar, Container, Ferro and Scrap terminals and, 6 km further upriver, the Matola Bulk Terminals with four deepwater berths for handling bulk Minerals, Petroleum, Aluminium and Grain. In total, the port has 16 linear berths totalling approximately 4,000m. All are served by road and most by rail. Port volumes for 2012 were estimated at 14 million tonnes, well indicating the growth of Maputo as a port.
The port belongs to the Mozambican government, which is responsible for its administration through the public-private joint venture "Maputo Port Development Company" (MPDC). The port is the terminal for three railway lines — Goba, Limpopo and Ressano Garcia — transporting products from South Africa, Eswatini and Zimbabwe. Another important flow link is via the N1 highway. It is a fundamental part of the logistics complexes of the "Maputo Corridor", the "Limpopo Corridor" and the "Libombo Corridor".

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