Port of MXZLO

Manzanillo Port (MXZLO)

Port Code MXZLO City Manzanillo
Port Name MANZANILLO,MX Country/Region Mexico
Category Port City Route MEXICO
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Manzanillo Port (MXZLO)


The Port of Manzanillo is located on the southwest coast of Colima, Mexico. It is Mexico’s largest port on the Pacific coast. The port is protected by a 700-meter long north-south breakwater. The seaport forms berths for general cargo ships, bulk carriers, container ships and oil tankers. There are also two breakwaters in the harbor, one is 400 meters long to the north and the other is 250 meters long to the south. The water depth in the port area is 14 meters. The cargoes loaded and unloaded at the port are: grain, groceries, petroleum, syrup and minerals.

Port cargo throughput capacity: The annual cargo throughput capacity is 13 million tons, the container is 458,000 TEU, and the annual arrival ships are 1,262. Maximum ship size: 250 meters in total length. The largest ship that has been loaded and unloaded at the port: "Matilde", with a gross tonnage of 53,208, with a total length of 297 meters and a draft of 13.5 meters.  

Load line mark: March 1 to June 30 and November 1 to November 30: North Pacific seasonal tropical zone load line; July 1 to October 31 and December 1 to February 28/29: Summer load line.   

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA): Arriving ships should notify the Hong Kong side of the estimated time of arrival 72 hours in advance, and notify the Hong Kong side of further information about the estimated time of arrival again 24 hours and 12 hours before the ship's arrival. All information about the estimated time of arrival of the ship should be sent out during working hours so that the port can make arrangements for the ship's loading and unloading operations at the port operation planning meeting held during the day.  

Communication: The following radio stations are recommended for communication: Mexico’s West Coast Radio: International Stations and Mobile Radio (United States); Mexico’s East Coast Radio: Mobile Phones, Alabama Radio; Radio stations are open for communication 24 hours a day service. In addition, international maritime communications satellites can also be used for communication.  

Pilotage: Manzanillo Port enforces mandatory pilotage for ships. The port provides pilotage services 24 hours a day, and the vessel should submit an application for pilotage 24 hours before arriving at the port.      

Tugs: 3 tugs with a maximum power of 4347 horsepower.  

Ship repair: The shipyard in the port of Manzanillo can undertake ship repair works.  

Transportation: The nearest airport : International Airport, 48 kilometers away, there are international flights during the day.

Nearest railway traffic: The berths are connected by railway lines.

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Summary of MXZLO

The Port of Manzanillo (Port Code:MXZLO) is a seaport located in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico. This port is one of the busiest ports in Mexico, responsible for handling Pacific Ocean cargo for the Mexico City area. The port of Manzanillo is located in the state of Colima on the west coast of Mexico. Nowadays, the port is one of the most secure in Mexico.The port of Manzanillo is the principal entrance for the handling of imports destined for of the center of the country. On the west coast, this port is considered as the main entrance of container shipping. 
The main imports handled by the port include general consumer goods such as wax, steel products and spare parts. Agricultural products include wheat, sorghum, oat and fertilizer; the minerals include sulfur, zinc concentrate, cast and potassium nitrate. Most exports from this port go to countries such as United States, Canada, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Japan, China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. Other important countries include Spain, Russia, and Germany.
As it is located in the pacific coast, the port of Manzanillo has very important Asians exporters and importers. The principal exports are beer, cars, cement, sugar, copper, steel tubes, carbon, glucose and resin. In addition, the port provides repackaging service for products such as clothes, shoes, tequila, chemical products and milk powder.

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