Manakara Port (MGWVK)

Port Code MGWVK City Manakara
Port Name MANAKARA Country/Region Madagascar
Category Port City Route EAST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Manakara Port (MGWVK)


      Madagascar port city. In the southeast coast, close to the Indian Ocean. The population is 20000. Water and land transportation hub. It is located in the south section of pangalang canal. The railway goes to Fianna ranchua. The port exports rice, coffee, cloves, etc. There are railway workshops.

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Summary of MGWVK

Manakara (Port Code:MGWVK) is a small commercial port off which vessels anchor to load and discharge situated at the mouth of the Manakara River, in Madagascar. The port of Manakara is situated inside a lagoon which is part of the Canal des Pangalanes. The entrance channel has presently a mere 0,5 metres of depth at low water. At high tide it would allow passage to embarkations drawing less than 1,5 metres. Of the port’s warehouses (offering a total storage space of 4,700 m²) three are in relatively good condition.
In 2013 the bridge connecting the two parts of Manakara town on both sides of the Canal des Pangalanes collapsed under a truck. Repair is ongoing. The provisional bridge substituting it cuts straight through the old port in the lagoon. Before the provisional bridge made a large part of the 380 meter long quay (reported to accommodate embarkations with up to 3 metres draft) inaccessible, operations were abandoned in 2009; the remaining 7 barges were sold, pilots retired and stevedoring companies closed down.