Male (MVMLE)

Port Code MVMLE City Male
Port Name Male Country/Region Maldives
Category Port City Route INDIA & PAKISTAN
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Male (MVMLE)



      Located in the northern coast of the island of Male in the middle of Maldives, Male is on the north side of the Indian Ocean and is the largest port in Maldives. It is the capital of Maldives and the military and transportation center of the Indian Ocean. The main industries include wooden sailing workshop, canned fish and fruit processing, and in addition, wooden toys and woven mat lace and other handicraft industries. The port is about 1km away from the airport, with international flights. The port is a tropical monsoon climate, and the southwest wind prevails. The average annual temperature is about 28 ℃. The annual average rainfall is about 2000mm. Average tide height: the high tide is 1.1m, and the low tide is 0.7m. The main cargo loading and unloading in the anchorage of the port, and the large ships are all operated by boat crane. There are more than 10 barges with a load of 75-150 tons, and forklift for hatch operation. The working hours are 7:30-22:30 every day. The average time of stay of the ship in port is about 3.9 days. There are also shore cranes, with a maximum lifting capacity of 25 tons. The water depth of the east channel is more than 30m. The main export goods are fresh fish, coconut dried, coconut skin fiber, fruit and fish products, etc., and the imported goods mainly include food and daily necessities. The annual export of fresh fish products is 4000 tons.

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Summary of MVMLE

The Port of Malé (Port Code:MVMLE) comprises an Inner Harbour, used by pleasure craft, the fishing industry and coastal trade; and an Outer Harbor where larger ships may port. Maldives Ports Limited is a state corporation of the Maldives, created to be the sole port authority of the ports of the Maldives. It is 100% owned by the government of Maldives and is located in Malé, the principal port, major city and capital of the archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean. The new harbour area in the extreme northwest of Male is to be used for foreign trade vessels to load and unload cargo vessels. The harbour area incorporates a marina. The average ship turn around is 88 hours. The port handles all types of cargo except dry bulk, liquefied petroleum and gases.