Malabo (GQSSG)

Port Code GQSSG City Malabo
Port Name Malabo Country/Region Equatorial Guinea
Category Port City Route WEST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Malabo (GQSSG)



      The Port of Malabo is located in Equatorial Guinea on the north coast of the island of BIOKO in the northwest of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, bordering Bonny Bay. On the southeast side. Also known as the Port of Santa Isabel, it is the largest seaport in Equatorial Guinea. It is the capital of Equatorial Guinea and the national political and economic center. The economy is dominated by agriculture, but food cannot be self-sufficient, and annual food imports account for 1/4 of the country's total imports. Cocoa is the main export material, and Bioko Island is a concentrated production area of ​​cocoa. The main industries are agricultural product processing, wood processing and automobile repairing and so on. The transportation is mainly by road, and the international airport of the port has regular flights to Douala, Libreville, Moscow and Madrid. The port has a tropical rainforest climate with prevailing westerly winds. The annual average temperature is about 26℃, and the annual average rainfall is about 2000mm. The rainy season is from March to June and September to November. Average tide height: high tide is 1.83m, low tide is 0.20m. There are 3 main berths in the port area, with a coastline of 600m and a maximum water depth of 9m. Loading and unloading equipment includes various shore cranes, truck cranes, forklifts and barges, etc., as well as oil pipelines with a diameter of 152.4mm for loading and unloading. There is also a Tutti Wharf that can berth oil tankers with a draft of 8m. The water depth of the large ship anchorage is about 17m. The main export goods are coffee, cocoa, palm fruit and bananas, and the main imported goods are construction materials, machinery, copper, fertilizer, petroleum and groceries. Does not work on holidays.

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Summary of GQSSG

The port of Malabo (Port Code:GQSSG) can theoretically reach a treatment capacity of 200,000 tons/year. The main maritime links are with national destination to Bata and international to Spain and Douala in Cameroon. Malabo is situated in the north of the island of Bioko, at coordinates 3° 45' 7.43" North and 8° 46' 25.32" East. Malabo has a high-tonnage port, connected mainly with the ports of Douala, (Cameroon) and Bata, and an air link via an international airport.
The port has facilities for general cargo, bulk and tanker vessels. Malabo is divided into the Old Port, which has berths for tankers and general cargo carriers and the New Port for bulk cargo vessels. This part of the port is being enlarged to accommodate more vessels. K5 multipurpose pier is located approx 4km west of the main port. The refinery and LNG terminals are at Punta Europa Terminal, 10km to the west, see separate entry. Main imports: All types of food products, construction materials, used vehicles, used clothing, etc. Exports: Cocoa beans, timber and crude oil. Max size: Draught 8.0m. Largest vessel handled: "Blandine Delmas", LOA 176.