Latakia (SYLTK)

Port Code SYLTK City Latakia
Port Name Latakia Country/Region Syria
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Latakia (SYLTK)



      Syria's commercial port. Located in the northwest coast of the country, south of the port city. It is 91 nautical miles to Mersin port in Turkey in the north, 97 nautical miles to Beirut port in the south, 144 nautical miles to lemesos in the West and 302 nautical miles to port said in the southwest. The port is composed of a concave inland inner port, a quay along the coast and a jetty that does not extend to the southwest in the north. It is protected by a breakwater that extends from the south of the port to the northeast and then turns to the northwest. Ships enter the port from the north by the West. From south to north, there are grain trestle wharf, general cargo wharf, passenger terminal, inner port East Wharf, North Wharf, beishunan wharf and North jetty wharf. The total length of wharf line is about 3500 meters, and the water depth is 7-13 meters. The two general cargo berths of beishunan wharf are also used for container loading and unloading. There is a reserved Development Zone in the north of the port area. At present, there are more than 10 berths, with an annual throughput of 5-6 million tons and 50000 TEUs.

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Summary of SYLTK

The Port of Latakia (Port Code:SYLTK) is a seaport located on the Mediterranean sea in the city of Latakia. Established on 12 February 1950, it has since served as Syria's main seaport. Its imported cargo include clothing, construction materials, vehicles, furniture, minerals, tobacco, cotton, and food supplies such as lentils, onions, wheat, barley, dates, grains and figs, and in 2008 the port handled about 8 million tons of cargo.
The port is also a link in six organized cruises between Alexandria, İzmir and Beirut. In addition, there are irregular ferry services to Cyprus. In 2005, approximately 27,939 passengers used the port. On 28 December 2021, shortly before dawn, the Israeli Air Force struck the port, causing heavy damage to a number of shipping containers.