La Salina (VELSA)

Port Code VELSA / VELSV City Cabimas
Port Name La Salina Country/Region Venezuela
Category Port Route SOUTH AMERICA EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of La Salina (VELSA)



      Lake Harbor in Venezuela. It is located on the lakeshore of Maracaibo in the northwest of the country, when the standard of West 5 area is adopted. The maximum draft is unlimited. The loading density of water is 1025. The prevailing wind direction is easterly. Forced pilotage. VHF channels 16 and 12 are used for radio communication. Working hours are 24 hours a day. The service facilities include ship repair, tugboat, fuel tank fresh water, motor boat, food, medical facilities and repatriation, etc. there is no sewage, dry dock, etc. Lhasa Lina port is composed of two 335.28m finger shaped jetties with one berth at 152.4m. The four berths are named as berth 6, berth 7 and South Berth 7 respectively. In addition, there is an offshore platform (jetty No. 3) for transporting liquefied gas. The loading rate of crude oil can reach 50000 barrels per hour. Two tugboats, 1300 horsepower and 3000 horsepower, are usually moored in the harbor. In addition, they can be dispatched from Maracaibo in case of emergency. When towing, they use their own 2.5-inch diameter nylon rope. The berth can provide enough fuel and fresh water per hour, with a maximum of 100 tons, calculated as 15 tons per hour. With local contact, can repair all kinds of ship equipment in shipyard.

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Summary of VELSA

La Salina Terminal (Port code:VELSA), also known as Lacustre Terminal, is an oil terminal, operated by Lagoven SA. exporting crude oil and LPG, it comprises a rectangular island with two finger piers, providing four berths. It is situated on the northeast shore of Lake Maracaibo, close inside its east entrance point. The north end of the island is joined to the mainland by a narrow causeway. There is also an offshore loading pier 0.5nm west of the island where LPG is loaded, submarine pipelines are laid from this pier to the island and the mainland.