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Kyrenia (CYKYR)

Kyrenia, Kyrenia District, Cyprus

Port Code CYKYR Port Name Kyrenia
City Kyrenia Country/Region Cyprus
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 35.34257 Longitude 33.329255
Kyrenia harbour (Port code:CYKYR) was a quiet, often ignored, port between Cyprus and other countries in Europe and the Middle East just before the British occupation of the island in 1878. From there local Caïques, Cypriot owned - Greek and Turkish Cypriot - and Greek owned, conducted a thriving trade. The port of Kyrenia is situated on the north coast of Cyprus. Since the Turkish intervention in the northern part of Cyprus in 1974, the port of Kyrenia has been declared an illegal point of entry by the Cyprus Government and is closed to all international shipping. Attention is drawn to United Nations Resolutions 541/1983 and 550/1984. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Communications and Works state that the port is open to international shipping. The port comprises the old harbour Kyrenia Marina suitable for small craft and a new tourist harbour. Kyrenia Tourism Harbour is suitable for ferries, Ro-Ro and cruise ships.

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