Kyaukpyu (MMKYP)

Port Code MMKYP City Kyaukpyu
Port Name Kyaukpyu Country/Region Myanmar
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Kyaukpyu (MMKYP)



      Kyaukpyu port is located in Kyaukpyu County, Rakhine state, Myanmar, which is located on the remote west coast of the bay of Bengal. It has a tropical rainforest climate with hot weather and abundant rainfall. Kyaukpyu has roads, civil aviation and civil ship docks leading to the whole country of Myanmar. It is the royal naval port of British colony 150 years ago in modern times. Jiaopiao peninsula is adjacent to the Indian Ocean in the west, and the channel from the northwest end of the island to the East is an excellent natural harbor for avoiding wind and waves. The natural water depth is about 24 meters, and it can navigate and berth 250000-300000 DWT ocean going passenger and cargo ships. After completion, Kyaukpyu port will be the largest deep-water port in Myanmar.
      In 2007, Myanmar's military government proposed to build six special economic zones in the country, including Kyaukpyu port, and authorized the largest private company in China to negotiate with Yunnan United Foreign Economic Co., Ltd. on non energy development in Kyaukpyu.
      One third of the way to the north entrance of Kyaukpyu port is a small outlying island. It is the island of MAAD, which will be the starting point of the China Myanmar oil and gas pipeline. Water transport surveyors from Tianjin arrived in Kyaukpyu as early as 2007 to survey the preliminary site selection of Kyaukpyu port for the China Myanmar oil pipeline project.
      200 nautical miles north of Kyaukpyu is the port of sidui. According to the agreement signed by Myanmar and India in April 2008, India is ready to invest in the transformation of Sittwe port. China once considered taking Myanmar's second largest port as the starting point of China Myanmar oil and gas pipeline.
      At present, the largest Rangoon port in Myanmar can only berth 10000 ton ships, which obviously can not meet the needs and development of Myanmar's foreign economic and trade. Due to the natural water depth of Yangon port, there is no condition for further expansion. In view of the resource development process in the central, northern and northwestern parts of Myanmar in recent years, Myanmar's exports will increase sharply in the next few years, including timber, mineral products, oil and natural gas and other bulk materials. Myanmar is in urgent need of a large-scale port. Therefore, Myanmar's transportation department plans to build a 300000 ton deep-water Wharf on Mada island near Kyaukpyu, so as to improve Myanmar's lack of marine facilities and promote Myanmar's foreign trade development and economic opening up. In addition, Kyaukpyu deep water port is located in   The waterway transit between Chittagong in Bangladesh, Yangon in Yangon and Calcutta in India will also play an important role.
      Recently, in combination with the needs of China and Myanmar, China's petroleum department has reached an agreement with Myanmar that the port terminal of the China Myanmar oil and gas pipeline project will be changed from the original Sittwe port to Kyaukpyu port. The Burmese government is arranging to move the former military port out of Kyaukpyu. The reconstruction and expansion project of the supporting Shangdao highway has been started, and the secondary pavement standard of 119 km from jiaopiao island to Ancun and Dongge has been completed. Myanmar plans to build Kyaukpyu into a large-scale comprehensive port on the basis of the oil terminal to undertake the logistics task of import and export of materials from Myanmar and Western China to Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
      Furthermore, Myanmar has plans to build Kyaukpyu into a special economic zone, learn from the experience of Shekou Industrial Zone in Shenzhen and Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai, and first use logistics and port effect to drive industrial cultivation. The Myanmar government has begun to organize various departments' delegation to speed up the inspection and study of China's relevant model special zones.

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Summary of MMKYP

Kyaukpyu (Port code:MMKYP) is located on the north western corner of Yanbye Island on Combermere Bay, and is 250 miles (400 km) north-west of Yangon. It is the principal town of Kyaukpyu Township and Kyaukpyu District. The town is situated on a superb natural harbor which connects the rice trade between Calcutta and Yangon. 
In June 2007, Asia World announced that it would be building a deep sea port on Maday Island in Kyaukphyu. The port will be a transit point for goods destined for Yangon, Kolkata, and Chittagong. The port is part of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road that runs from the Chinese coast to the south via Singapore towards the southern tip of India, then through the Red Sea via the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean, there via Haifa, Istanbul and Athens to the Upper Adriatic region to the northern Italian hub of Trieste with its rail connections to Central Europe and the North Sea, and would also be the maritime endpoint of the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor.