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Koutala (GRKOU)

Koutala, South Aegean Region, Greece

Port Code GRKOU Port Name Koutala
City Koutala Country/Region Greece
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 37.1333333333 Longitude 24.45
Koutala Port (Port Code: GRKOU) is a sea port situated on the southeast coast of Finland. As one of the main seaports in southern Finland and also a sheltered harbor, it is the center of the country's sawmill and paper industry, and the timber of the eastern Forests of Finland is concentrated here. There are rail and road links to the interior and Russia. The port is about 140km from the airport. The port has a temperate continental climate, prevailing southeast winds.
The main export goods are timber, paper, chemicals, pyrite, building materials, boards, cardboard and general merchandise, etc., while the main import goods are coal, petroleum, machinery, fertilizer, steel and sugar, etc.
In order to accommodate the growing foreign trade traffic, the port authority is planning to build a new wharf with water depth of 15m.

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