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Kota Kinabalu (MYEKT)

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Negeri, Malaysia

Port Code MYEKT / MYBKI Port Name Kota Kinabalu
City Kota Kinabalu Country/Region Malaysia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 6.041938 Longitude 116.1014
Kota Kinabalu Port (Port Code:MYEKT) is located on Borneo’s northwest coast on the South China Sea. It is the capital and main commercial and industrial center for the Sabah state in Malaysia. With excellent deep-water anchorage, the city rebounded quickly from World War II bombing to become the capital of British North Borneo in 1946. In 2000, over 570 thousand people lived in Kota Kinabalu Port, while the urban area is home to about 700 thousand souls. It is the biggest city in Sabah state and the sixth biggest in the country of Malaysia
Kota Kinabalu Port is one of Sabah’s earliest and main ports. It used to handle a variety of cargo. But today, Sapangar Port has taken over the major port role, and thus Kota Kinabalu Port only handles non-containerized cargo such as general cargo and dry bulk.

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