Koper Port (SIKOP)

Port Code SIKOP City Koper
Port Name KOPER Country/Region Slovenia
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Koper Port (SIKOP)


Koper located in the border area of ​​southwestern Slovenia and Italy, at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea, is the only commercial port in Slovenia. The city has an area of ​​about 311 square kilometers and a population of 47,539 people. Slovenian and Italian are both the official languages ​​of the city.

Koper was built as early as the Hellenistic era. It is called Aegida in Greek, and its Latin name Capris is more popular. Today the word Koper is an umlaut of Capris. In 568, a large number of citizens of Trieste, a nearby Roman imperial city, fled to the city to avoid Lombard invasion, and the city began to prosper. At that time, the city was under the rule of the Eastern Roman Empire, and its name was changed to "Justin Noble" in memory of Justinian II. Soon after, the land was merged into the Kingdom of Lombard, and then it was merged into the Kingdom of Franks along with Lombard.

In 932, Koper began to establish stable trade relations with Venice. Nevertheless, when Venice and the Holy Roman Empire clashed, Koper was on the side of the empire. Therefore, Konrad II granted the status of the borough of Koper in 1035. However, in 1232, Koper was added to the Archdiocese of Aguilera, and then merged into the Republic of Venice in 1278, and was renamed "Caput Histriae", which means "Capital of Istria", today Capodistria The word comes from this.

After the Habsburgs won the throne of the Holy Roman Empire, Koper, as part of Trieste, was classified as an Austrian territory. After the First World War, it was ceded to Italy by Austria. After World War II, Koper, as part of the B area of ​​the Trieste Free Zone, was officially included in Yugoslavia in 1954, and most of its Italian residents moved out.

In 1991, with the independence of Slovenia, Koper became its only commercial port.

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Summary of SIKOP

Port of Koper (Port Code:SIKOP) is a public limited company, which provides port and logistics services in the only Slovenian port, in Koper. It is situated in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, mainly connecting markets of Central and Southeast Europe with the Mediterranean Sea and Far East. Unlike other European ports, which are managed by port authorities, the activities of Port of Koper comprise the management of the free zone area, the management of the port area and the role of terminal operator. It is currently the main port that serves the route between Adriatic sea and Central Europe. The Port of Koper has 12 specialized terminals.