Kitakyushu Port (JPKKJ)

Port Code JPKKJ City Kitakyushu
Port Name KITAKYUSHU Country/Region Japan
Category Port City Route JAPANESE BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Kitakyushu Port (JPKKJ)


      Kitakyushu City is located in Fukuoka Prefecture, the northern end of Kyushu Island, Japan. It is a famous industrial city and container base in Japan.There are many hills in the climate, and the coastal plain is narrow and small.The climate is warm and humid, and the annual average temperature is 17.2 ℃.The annual precipitation is about 1800 mm, and it is rainy in summer.

      Kitakyushu is an important hub of land and water transportation in southwest Japan.The railway has such trunk lines as Kagoshima, RiFeng and Zhufeng, as well as high-speed railway lines.There are shipping routes to Shikoku, Hanshin, Nagoya and Tokyo.Subsea tunnels such as Guanmen railway tunnel, xinguanmen railway tunnel, Guanmen highway tunnel and Guanmen bridge are connected with Xiaguan city.The port of Kitakyushu is a maritime transportation hub with the four countries of guanxi, Guandong and Inner Mongolia;It is also the trade gateway of western Japan with China and North Korea.The coastline of the port is about 130 km long, and the water area is 146.4 square kilometers. Ten thousand ton ships can dock freely.In recent years, the port has been expanding and many special wharves have been built, such as the steel Wharf in xiaocang area, the timber Wharf in Donghai area and the fruit Wharf in MENSI area.

      1980The first container base in West Japan (taidaopu wharf) was built in, which improved its status as an international trade port.In 1982, there were about 87000 ships entering the port, with a registered tonnage of more than 83 million gross tons, mainly inland ships.In 1963, the five cities of MENSI, xiaocang, huhata, Bafan and ruosung were merged (later changed to five districts);In 1974, xiaocang was divided into North and south areas, Bafan into East and west areas, and now there are seven areas.The northern part of the city is an industrial area;Xiaocang North District and Bafan west district are commercial districts, especially in Yucho and kurazaki;The southeast of MENSI District, the south of xiaocang District, the south of Bafan East District and Bafan West District, and the west of ruosung district are suburban agricultural areas and main residential areas.

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Summary of JPKKJ

The Port of Kitakyushu (Port Code:JPKKJ) is located in the middle of a straight line connecting Tokyo and Shanghai, and roughly in the center of North-Eastern Asia. With Dalian, China, and Seoul and Pusan, South Korea located within 1000km, the Moji Port is the best port of call on the way to other major cities. Serving as a gateway to Kyushu, city has excellent transportation access to Kyushu and also to Honshu, namely its expressways the JR Shinkansen Line and an airport. Kitakyushu is the largest ferry port in Kyushu, Chūgoku, and Shikoku. Ferry services operate between Kitakyushu and Shimonoseki, Matsuyama, Tokushima, Kōbe, Ōsaka, Tokyo, Ulsan (Korea), Busan (Korea) and isolated islands in the city limits. The main ferry port is at Shin-Moji, and there are ferries at Moji and near Kokura Station.