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Kismaayo (SOKMU)

Kismaayo, Nugal Region, Somalia

Port Code SOKMU Port Name Kismaayo
City Kismaayo Country/Region Somalia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -0.377309 Longitude 42.54044
The Port of Kismaayo (Port Code:SOKMU) is the official seaport of Kismaayo, situated in southern Somalia. It is classified as a major class port. It has a harbour as well as a pier which juts into the Somali Sea. Kismaayo's large docks are situated on a peninsula on the Somali Sea coast. Formerly one of the Bajuni Islands, the peninsula was subsequently connected by a narrow causeway when the modern Port of Kismaayo was built in 1964 with U.S. assistance. The Port of Kismayo was officially brought under the Juba Interim Administration in August 2013.
In 1966 the CIA's Intelligence Handbook for Special Operations - Somali Republic described the port as mainly an outlet for bananas and other agricultural produce. Only vessels of "very shallow draft" could be accommodated; deep-water ships had to be served by lighters in the open roadstead. Four protected berths to serve 10,000 ton vessels with drafts of up to 31 feet were part of a port expansion programme. A power plant, water system, and handling equipment were to be constructed by 1967.

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