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Introduction of Kingston Port (JMKIN)


Port of Kingston is the fastest growing port in the Caribbean. The port is mainly operated by Maersk (Kingston) Container Terminals . The throughput in 2006 was approximately 2.1 million TEUs, an increase 28%.

The throughput in 2005 was 1,642,862TEU, an increase of 21.1% over the previous year, ranking 57th in the world.

The increase in throughput in 2005 and 2006 was mainly due to the increased capacity of the two major shipping groups Zim and CMA CGM; and Maersk Line opened the Kingston route in 2005.

The Port of Kingston is currently undergoing expansion, with a planned investment of US$321 million to build the West Port Area into a wharf with a coastline of 475 meters and a storage area of ​​65 hectares.

In 2006, Kingston Port has been equipped with 4 ultra-Panamax bridge cranes and 18 site gantry cranes. At present, the terminal has ordered another 6 new cranes.

Kingston Wharves Shipping Group is another operator of Kingston Port, mainly responsible for the transportation of bulk cargo, automobiles and containers. At present, the group has invested 30 million US dollars to expand the two terminals, the total length of the shoreline will reach 300 meters, and to update the existing site gantry cranes. By April 2006, the total length of the shoreline of the Port of Kingston had reached 1676.5 meters.

The current annual throughput of Kingston Wharves Shipping Group has reached 100,000 TEU, and it is expected that its annual throughput will reach 200,000 TEU in 3 years.

As early as the early 1990s, the Jamaican Port Authority introduced US$255 million in funds for the renewal and expansion of the Kingston container hub port, which was fully completed in 2005.

Kingston Port in Jamaica is considered one of the most promising ports in the Caribbean. It has great potential in providing container transshipment services for global east-west routes and south-north routes in the Americas.

Kingston Container Terminal   

The Jamaica Port Authority owns Kingston Container Terminal (KCT), which is operated by Kingston Container Terminal Services Ltd., which is a subsidiary of PAJ.

KCT is one of the leading container transshipment ports in the region. It consists of three terminals, namely the North, South and West terminals, with a total capacity of 2.8 million TEUs. Equipment includes:  

  • 19 ship-to-shore gantry cranes, including 4 Super Post Panamax cranes, for computer-aided management of operation and maintenance
  • 30 loading and unloading chassis
  • 28-yard trailer
  • 30-yard trailer
  • Rental of 3 mobile cranes
  • 2 4,000 horsepower tugs
  • 14 empty stackers
  • 73 straddle transporter
  • 24 trailer trains
  • 4 train tractors 
  • 9 forklifts
  • 744 refrigerated sockets (440/480v, general purpose) spare

The berth surface, channel and turntable have been dredged to a depth of 13 meters.

North end

  • 535 meters berth
  • A storage yard of 47 hectares for stacking containers;
  • 4 super Panamax ship-to-shore gantry cranes

South Pier (Gordon Cay)

  • 1,300-meter berth
  • 5 Panamax gantry cranes
  • 6 super post-Panamax gantry cranes
  • 82 hectares (25 unpaved) container storage space

West end

  • 475-meter berth
  • Extension of 65 hectares of container yard 
  • 4Super post-Panamax ship-to-shore gantry crane (delivered and commissioned)

Another 6000-ton tug is being acquired.

KCT fifth phase expansion

All major projects under the fifth phase of the expansion have been completed. The fifth-phase expansion will increase the terminal from 1.5 million TEUs at the beginning of the project to 3.2 million TEUs. According to business needs, more land will be put into use, increasing KCT's capacity to 3.2 million TEUs.

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Summary of JMKIN

Kingston Harbour (Port Code:JMKIN) in Jamaica is the seventh-largest natural harbour in the world. It is an almost landlocked area of water approximately 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) long by 3.2 kilometres (2.0 mi) wide. Most of it is deep enough to accommodate large ships, even close to shore. It is bordered to the north by the city of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica; to the west by Hunts Bay and the municipality of Portmore; and to the south and east by the Palisadoes strip, which protects it.
The harbour is home to the Kingston Container Terminal, Jamaica's largest port. Other docks on Kingston Harbour are at the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica in downtown Kingston and at the Jamaica Flour Mills and the Caribbean Cement Company at Rockfort. Fresh water, along with industrial and domestic waste, is discharged into Hunts Bay from rivers and drainage gullies, including Rio Cobre and Sandy Gully.