Kieta Port (PGKIE)

Port Code PGKIE City Kieta
Port Name KIETA Country/Region Papua New Guinea
Category Port City Route SOUTH PACIFIC
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Kieta Port (PGKIE)


      Commercial port of Papua New Guinea.It is located in the middle of the east coast of Bougainville island in the east of the country, east of the city of Arawa, near the South Pacific.It is 319 nautical miles from the port of labour in the northwest, 614 nautical miles from the port of Laicheng in the west, 670 nautical miles from the port of Moresby in the southwest, 273 nautical miles from the port of Honiara in Solomon in the southeast, and 1264 nautical miles from the port of Brisbane in Australia in the south.The port has two major ports, kietta and anewa Bay, about 5 nautical miles apart.Kieta port area is located on the East Bank of the base of Kieta Peninsula, extending from southeast to northwest, with bakawari island outside. The main wharves are: Ocean terminal, 122 meters long, 8.5 meters deep, 2780 square meters of warehouse and 14720 square meters of storage yard;Both the coastal ship and the feed wharf are in the west of the ocean wharf, each 58 meters long and 4.8 meters deep.There are also West Wharf, barge wharf, etc.Anewa Bay is a small bay on the west side of anewa Bay, which is located in the west of the north of keeta peninsula. There is a frame Wharf on the North Bank of anewa Bay, which is 77 meters long. There is a mooring berth at 59 meters and 107 meters of both ends. The maximum allowable draft is 12 meters. There is a fixed bulk ore loader on the wharf, with an hourly efficiency of 800-1200 tons;The terminal also has a movable quayside crane with a lifting capacity of 127 tons, two 25 ton forklifts and roll on / roll off equipment.In addition to loading and unloading ores, the terminal is often used for loading and unloading general cargo and containers.In the South Bank of the Bay, there is an oil and gas tanker anchorage area, with oil pipelines connecting the onshore oil tanks from the water surface. The maximum unloading speed of heavy oil is 4000 tons per hour;The maximum unloading speed of light oil is 700 tons per hour.The two ports of the port mainly serve the nearby Kieta copper mine.There are more than 800 million tons of copper deposits in Kieta area of Bougainville Island, which is one of the largest copper mines in the world.It has been put into mining, and the export of ore and the import of daily necessities all depend on the two ports of the port.At present, the annual throughput of the port is about 1 million tons.In 1985, China and the government of Papua New Guinea reached an agreement to develop the country's copper mine. The mine site is near the port.

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Summary of PGKIE

Kieta Port (Port Code:PGKIE) is located on the eastern coast of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, near the township of Arawa. It has few inhabitants now, and is known mainly for its transport connections (wharf and airfield).The port which is sheltered from the east by Bakawari Island has facilities for overseas as well as coastal traffic for general cargoes and copra. Most of the port's facilities are dedicated to coastal vessels, there being no bunkering or fresh water available for larger tonnage. Tugs and lighters are available through Bougainville Copper Pty Ltd, but there is no suitable anchorage at which large vessels may be lightened.