Kenitra (MANNA)

Port Code MANNA City Kenitra
Port Name Kenitra Country/Region Morocco
Category Port City Route NORTH AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Kenitra (MANNA)



      Morocco's Atlantic seaport.The maximum draught is 5.18 meters in spring tide and 4.27 meters in neap tide.The loading density of water is 1000.The tidal range varies from 1.52 m to 2.74 m (in the river) with seasons.The westerly wind prevails in winter and the easterly wind prevails in summer.Forced pilot, communication via ginitra, 2182 kHz (continuous monitoring).The port is located about 14.48 km downstream of the Sebou river.The north breakwater, called mehdia, cannot be used by ships in any way.There is a sandbar at the mouth of the river, and ships can only enter and leave the port at high tide.January to February is a dangerous season for ships to navigate and dock.The water depth of Shazhou estuary is 3.0m at low tide and 7.0m at high tide.The water depth is 2.0 meters at low tide.The river is 244 meters wide.The anchorage outside the estuary is deep and Sandy.Port service facilities are: ship repair, fueling, motor boats, medical treatment, traction, fresh water, supplies, repatriation, dry dock and sewage.The main wharf is 860m long, with 10 berths, and the water depth at the front is 3.04-6.09m.The special berth for carrying liquor is 91.44 meters long.Port equipment: 5 3T electric cranes, 3 mobile cranes with lifting capacity of 5t, 5 electric cranes with lifting capacity of 5t, 1 floating crane with lifting capacity of 75t, 1 tripod with lifting capacity of 45t, 1 barrel cabin, maximum loading rate of 80t / h and 4 mineral conveyors.The average daily unloading rate of each group of porters in the port is 100 tons.

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Summary of MANNA

Kenitra (Port Code:MANNA), formerly known as Port Lyautey, is a port city in northern Morocco. It is situated 10 miles (16 km) above the mouth of the Sebou River. Kenitra is a shipping centre for agricultural produce (mainly fruit), fish, timber, and lead and zinc ores. The city’s industrial area lies upstream of the port.