Keelung (TWKEL)

Port Code TWKEL City Keelung
Port Name Keelung Country/Region Taiwan,China
Category Port City Route TAIWAN
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Introduction of Keelung (TWKEL)



Keelung Port is a seaport located in Keelung City, northern Taiwan. It is one of the four international commercial ports in the Republic of China. It is also the outer port of Taipei and the main shipping hub in northern Taiwan. The operating agency is the Keelung Port Branch of the Taiwan Port Corporation. The entire port area is surrounded by the city center of Keelung. In terms of transportation, it is mainly containerized and bulk cargo is supplemented. There are several domestic and foreign passenger ships with fixed detours. As of 2010, Keelung Port was the 54th largest container port in the world.

The port is a hub for land and sea transportation and a gateway for passengers and goods to enter and exit; Keelung Port has been established since the establishment of the port in the 12th year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1886). The Keelung Port of Recreation has an indelible feat. According to statistics from the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan, the total national tariff revenue (Keelung, Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung) in 2004 (2015) totaled more than NT$190.9 billion, of which the revenue from Keelung Port was more than NT$65.3 billion, accounting for more than NT$65.3 billion. Revenue 34.23%

The first container base has been built in Hong Kong since 1989, and the second and third container bases have been gradually added. As of 2014, there are 15 container terminals; 31 overhead cranes. A total of 56 piers of various types have been built on the east and west sides of the port area, with a length of more than 9,000 meters and a port area of ​​about 572 hectares. It can provide 60,000 tons of bulk cargo ships, 160,000 tons of luxury cruise ships and nearly 10,000 TEU container ships. Berth.

West Bank Container Storage and Transportation Yard North Container Yard

  • The storage and transportation yard is located in the outer port wharf area. There are eight deep-water wharfs from West 19 to West 26 with an average water depth of -12 meters (of which West 19 is -14.5 meters), with a total length of 2,012 meters and 15 bridge cranes. Taiwan, the storage and transportation yard area is 222,204 square meters, and can store 5,181TEU containers (2 storeys high, equivalent to 20 feet).

West Bank Container Storage and Transportation Yard North Container Yard

  • The storage and transportation yard is located in 3 deep-water piers at No. 16, 17, and 18 west of the new wharf area, with a total length of 620 meters and 7 bridge cranes. The storage and transportation yard covers an area of ​​97,135 square meters and can store 2,004 TEU of containers (2 floors). High, equivalent to 20 feet).

East Bank Container Storage and Transportation Yard

  • The storage and transportation yard is located in the Dongan wharf area. There are 4 deep-water piers of No. 8, 9, 10, and 11 East, with a total length of 860 meters, equipped with 9 bridge cranes, and an area of ​​39,000 square meters, which can be stored There are 2,030 TEUs in two-tier containers.

South Container Yard of West Bund Container Storage and Transportation Yard

Bulk cargo terminal operations

  • The port has 10 general cargo wharves with a water depth of -7~-11 meters, 8 general cargo warehouses, with an effective capacity of 22,009 tons, and 8 open storage yards with an effective capacity of 14,844 tons.
  • The port has 8 bulk cargo terminals with a water depth of -6 to -11.5 meters, 7 cement round warehouses with an effective capacity of 63,000 tons, and 14 chemical oil storage tanks with an effective capacity of 13,500 tons.

Port environment and facilities

  • Keelung Port is a port built using the topography of the valley of nature. There are 57 docks, 1 entry channel, and the total area of ​​the port area is 572.17 hectares. The shape of the harbor is roughly a funnel with a width in the north and a narrow in the south. The waters of the port area are divided into three areas: the outer port, the inner port, and the Niuchou port. The wharf can be divided into two parts: the east bank wharf and the west bank wharf. Among them, the west bank has a larger volume; the use types are divided into three categories: commercial, military, and fishing.

naval port

  • There are military terminals on the east and west banks of Keelung Port. The east bank is East Wharf 5 (the entrance is marked as "Navy Wharf"). Opposite the wharf entrance is the Navy Weihai Camp, which is the base of the 131st fleet of the Republic of China Navy; the west bank is West Wharf 5-6 and Wharf 9-11B. It is used by the Navy's Keelung Logistics Support Command (formerly the Navy's Third Shipyard, referred to as "Hai Third Factory") and the second battalion of the transport group of the Army Logistics Command's Third Regional Support Command.

Fishing port

To the north of Dasha Bay, the waters adjacent to Heping Island and Bachimen are the fishing wharf area of ​​Keelung Port (formally designated as the "Special Fisheries Zone" in 1998), also known as "Zhengbin Fishing Port", which is an important offshore fishery in Taiwan One of the bases.

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