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Kaolack (SNKLC)

Kaolack, Kaolack Region, Senegal

Port Code SNKLC Port Name Kaolack
City Kaolack Country/Region Senegal
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 14.13 Longitude -16.0745
Kaolack (Port Code:SNKLC) is a port on the Saloum River. Lying in a farm area, Kaolack is a major peanut marketing and exporting center and has a large peanut oil factory. Brewing, leather tanning, cotton ginning, and fish processing are also important industries. Salt is produced from salines near the Saloum River.
The min width of the river is 90m, with the max draught of vessels governed by the depth over the bar. Vessels usually leave the port 1.5 hours before HW in order for there to be sufficient depth of water over some shallow sections of the river. Main exports are salt and groundnuts.

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