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Kamaishi (JPKAM)

Kamaishi, Iwate ken, Japan

Port Code JPKAM / JPKIS Port Name Kamaishi
City Kamaishi Country/Region Japan
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 39.255285 Longitude 141.9058
Kamaishi (Port Code:JPKAM) is situated in Kamaishi Bay on the northern part of Honshu, facing the Pacific Ocean. The port handles mainly fish and steel. Approx imports of iron ore 1,800,000t, coking coal 625,000t, other minerals 48,000t and 114,000t exports of steel products handled annually.
In the 1970s the port facilities were reconstructed, and a large oil storage and industrial site were built on reclaimed land. Iron and steel, mainly from Britain, were imported through Kamaishi’s harbour, which was also an important fishing port. In March 2011 a massive underwater earthquake east of Sendai triggered a large tsunami that devastated much of the Pacific coast of Tōhoku (northeastern Honshu). In Kamaishi the tsunami inundated the port area and low-lying areas inland, killing hundreds of people and causing widespread property damage. Recovery and rebuilding following the disaster progressed slowly in the city.

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