Kagoshima Port (JPKOJ)

Port Code JPKOJ City Kagoshima
Port Name KAGOSHIMA Country/Region Japan
Category Port City Route JAPANESE BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Kagoshima Port (JPKOJ)


      Japanese commercial port.It is located on the East Bank of Samo Peninsula in the south of Kyushu, Southeast of Hong Kong City, and adjacent to Kagoshima in the East China Sea.The northeast is 161 nautical miles to hsidao, 222 nautical miles to Yuhe Island, 261 nautical miles to Kochi port in the East and 159 nautical miles to Nagasaki port in the northwest.Hong Kong is the largest maritime gateway of Kagoshima and the shipping center of the southwest islands.The ports are distributed in the north and south of the Bay, and the old port is near the urban area in the north. The new port is simple and small, and it is used for small boats to dock. Since the south port, it has been a wharf for ships above intermediate level, and they are all in the water area of concave bank.There are No.4 and No.7 berths in Nangang, which are 520 meters and 180 meters long respectively, with water depth of 4.5 and 5.5 meters. They are 1000-2000 DWT docks;The timber port has a berth 185 meters long and 10 meters deep;There are five berths in Gushan north port, two of which are 12 meters deep and the others are 5.5-7.5 meters deep;GUSHAN south port has a 7.5-meter-deep dock line of 650 meters.There is an oil port 15 kilometers south of the port. It is one of the few ports in the world that can dock 500000 DWT oil tankers.

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Summary of JPKOJ

Kagoshima port (Port Code:JPKOJ) is an important distribution centre and port of call for vessels trading with the islands of Nansei Shoto and ports in southeast Asia. In addition, the port is also a calling point for ferries and cruise ships. The port consists of 7 sections, namely Kitafuto, Shinko-ku, Kamoikeko-ku, Chuo-ku, Mokuzaiko-ku, Tamiyama No 1 and No 2 districts.
Marine port Kagoshima lies along the coast of Kinko Bay ,sandwiched between Kagoshima City and Mt.Sakurajima. Located within 1,000㎞ from major port cities such as Shanghai,Tokyo,Fukuoka,and Naha,etc.,many Japanese and foreign cruise ships call at Marine port Kagoshima.