Igarka Port (RUIGA)

Port Code RUIGA / RUIAA City Igarka
Port Name IGARKA Country/Region Russia
Category Port City Route EUROPEAN BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Igarka Port (RUIGA)


      Russian ports along the Yenisei River in the Arctic Ocean.When the East 7 standard is adopted.The maximum draft is 7.3m.The loading density of water is 1000.There is no tidal change.The port authority is the Igarka port authority, and the pilots usually meet the vessels at the pilot station.Vessels are required to establish contact with radio Igarka before entering the port.Port holidays, see achanger.Working hours can be agreed.Service facilities include: repair, tugboat, fuel tank, fresh water, motorboat, food supply, medical facilities, etc.No sewage, dry dock, repatriation, etc.It is stipulated in the port that tugs must be used when berthing. The pilot can board the ship at the anchorage outside the port or inside the port, and perform the navigation and help berthing.When three or four ships are berthed at one Wharf at the same time, the outermost one should light a red light.The most powerful mooring line must be used for the ship moored at the inner anchorage. The cargo loading and unloading operation on the ship is completed by the water crane and the lifting device on the ship.There is no dry dock.Fresh water is drawn from the river at a place designated by the pilot, but not in the port area.Fuel supply is not guaranteed.

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Summary of RUIGA

Igarka port (port code: RUIGA) is a seaport in Russia. It is located 579 kilometers from the mouth of the Yenisei River on the right bank of the Igarka Channel.
The port was established to export timber and sawn timber products through the Northern Sea Route. Occasional handling operations connected to delivery of construction materials, machinery and other general cargoes to the Vankor Field are performed. At present no stable cargo turnover is observed at the port. It handles approximately 450,000 cubic meters of timer annually.
The port is navigable for only 3-4 months (from the end of June until the beginning of November). The all-year-round navigation is possible using icebreakers and ice-class vessels. The port is able to admit vessels with length of up to 150 meters, width of up to 25 meters and draught of up to 8 meters. There are 4 mooring berths in the seaport of Igarka, the total length of the mooring wall is 600 metres. Moreover, there are 12 roads (mooring bridles) that are used to place sea transport vessels for loading during handling of cargoes from river to sea vessels.