Hodeidah Port (YEHOD)

Port Code YEHOD City Hodeidah
Port Name HODEIDAH Country/Region Yemen
Category Port City Route THE RED SEA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Hodeidah Port (YEHOD)


      Commercial port of the Republic of Yemen.It is located in the Western Red Sea of kathib Bay, northwest of port city, 35 nautical miles to salif port, 130 nautical miles to AsAb port, 436 nautical miles to Sudan Port, 476 nautical miles to Chittagong port and 1070 nautical miles to Suez port;The southeast is 232 nautical miles to the port of Djibouti and 257 nautical miles to the port of Aden. Due to the protection of Cape kaseb, the port is calm.The average high tide is 1.4m, the low tide is 0.8m, the low tide is 1.3m, the low tide is 0.9m, and the average sea level is 1.09M.The access channel is dredged to 8.9 meters and the draft is 7.9 meters. The ship can enter at any time.The port has a Southwest northeast Wharf on the land bank. There are five berths on it. The water depth is 9.5-10.0 meters except for Berth 1, which is 8 meters. It is used for groceries, grain, etc.At the north end of berth 5, the terminal line turns to the northwest. It is berth 6, 195 meters long and 10 meters deep. It is used for container loading and unloading.There is also a ro Ro Terminal at the northwest end.The oil tanker wharf is a pile wharf in the sea area outside the wharf, which can berth 15000 DWT ships.The port was originally the largest port in northern Yemen. After 90 years of unification, it is still the port with the largest number of Quay berths.Export coffee, leather, cotton, oil, etc., import grain, industrial products, etc.

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Summary of YEHOD

Hodeidah port (port code: YEHOD) is a medium-sized seaport in Yemen. It is located on Yemen's Red Sea coast at the south end of Khawr Katib, approximately 92 nautical miles south of the border with Saudi Arabia.
The port comprises an 'L' shaped inner harbour including oil terminal dolphins, Ras Katnib power station tanker CBM's and Ras Katib naval pier. For the main harbour, the maximum LOA is 200 meters, and the maximum draft is 9.75 meters. For the oil dolphines, the maximum LOA is 150 meters, the maximum draft is 9 meters, and the maximum deadweight is 15,000t. While for the power station CBM, the maximum LOA is 105 meters, the maximum draft is 5.2 meters, and the maximum deadweight is 5,000t.
All the vessels that have visited this port are cargo vessels. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 207 meters. The maximum draught is 10.2 meters. The maximum deadweight is 66,622t.
The port handles break bulk, tankers, container, and Ro-Ro vessels. It handles approximately 5,700,000t of cargo including 1,000,000t of petroleum products. The main imports to this port are rice, grain, flour, petroleum and fuel oils, metals, hardware, timber, building materials and machinery. The main exports from this port include coffee, hides and skins, myrrh, sesame oil, dried fruit, seeds, nuts and tobacco.