Hochiminh New Port Port (VNHCM)

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Introduction of Hochiminh New Port Port (VNHCM)


      Ho Chi Minh is located on the West Bank of the lower reaches of Saigon River in southern Vietnam, about 46n miles away from the estuary.Ho Chi Minh, formerly known as Saigon, was changed to its current name in 1975. It is the largest port in Vietnam.Ho Chi Minh is the largest city and transportation hub in Vietnam, as well as the distribution center of rice in the Mekong River Delta.Ho Chi Minh is also the industrial center of Vietnam. Its main industries include machinery, shipbuilding, rice milling, cement, sugar making, wine making, textile, cigarette, chemistry, brick and tile, sawn wood, rubber and ceramics.Ho Chi Minh has a tropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 23-32 ℃.There are 30 days of fog and 56 days of thunderstorm every year.The annual average rainfall of Ho Chi Minh is about 800mm.It is a diurnal tidal port with an average tidal range of 2.6m.

      Hochiminh, also known as Saigon port, is located in the northeast of the Mekong River Delta in the south of Vietnam. It is the largest port in the south of Vietnam and can be loaded and unloaded by 10000 ton ocean going ships.At present, Ho Chi Minh port has three terminals: new port, cat Lai port and vict port.Cat lat and vict are old ports, and new port is new port.Generally, the sea freight to the old port is lower than that to the new port, and there are more shipping companies attached to it, but sometimes the port is crowded.There are 15 main berths in Hochiminh port area, with a coastline of 2000m long and a maximum water depth of 11m.The handling equipment includes various shore cranes, tugs and barges. The maximum lifting capacity of the shore crane is 100 tons, and the maximum power of the tug is 1912 kW.The oil terminal is a reliable 45000 DWT oil tanker.The container terminal can store more than 1000 containers, and there are more than 10 Mooring Ships with 10000 DWT capacity.The depth of the anchorage is 13 M.In 1949, the container throughput reached 280000 TEU, an increase of 48.5% over 1993.Ho Chi Minh mainly exports rubber, tea, rice, coal, mineral products and agricultural and sideline products, and imports steel, grain, mechanical and electrical equipment, petroleum products, fuel, cotton and chemical products.

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Summary of VNHCM

Hochiminh New Port (Port Code: VNHCM), the biggest port in Vietnam, is located on the west bank of SAIGON River. The port area has 15 main berths with a shoreline of 2000m and a maximum water depth of 11m. The loading and unloading equipment includes all kinds of shore cranes, tugs and barges, among which the maximum lifting capacity of shore cranes is 100 tons and the maximum power of tugs is 1912kW. Oil terminal is able to receive 45 thousand DWT tanker. The container terminal can store more than 1,000 containers, and more than 10 mooring vessels can moor 10,000-ton ships. The depth of the ship's anchorage is 13m. HOCHIMINH is Vietnam's largest city and transportation hub. In addition, it is not only the rice distribution center of the MEKONG River delta, but also the industrial center of Vietnam. Its main industries are machinery, shipbuilding, rice milling, cement, sugar making, wine making, textiles, cigarettes, chemicals, brick, sawdust, rubber and ceramics.