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El Djazair (DZELD)

Algiers, Algiers, Algeria

Port Code DZELD Port Name El Djazair
City Algiers Country/Region Algeria
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
El Djazair Port (Port Code: DZELD) is a principal port of Algeria. It handles more than 60 percent of Algeria's external trade. The port consists of 3 basins, the Old Port, Agha and Mustapha, with a total of 36 berths, protected by a network of 5 breakwaters. The port can be entered from the North entrance, with a max depth of 22m and width of 176m or South entrance, with a max depth of 16m and width of 240m. The principal exports are minerals, wine, esparto, cork, fruit and vegetables. It mainly imports wood, oil, building materials and dairy products. Since 2009, all non-containerised cargoes have been banned at the port, to reduce shipping and road congestion. Approximately there are 11,000,000t of cargo, 530,500TEU and 373,500 passengers handled annually.

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