Dungun Port (MYDUN)

Port Code MYDUN / MYDGN City Dungun
Port Name DUNGUN Country/Region Malaysia
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Dungun Port (MYDUN)


      Administrative center, Kuala Longyun County, dinganu state, Malaysia.It is located on the South Bank of the South China Sea and the South Bank of the Longyun estuary.The population is about 18000.It used to be an iron ore export port, with light rail to the West leading to Wuji Bixi iron mine and fishing port.The east coast highway can pass through the north and south.Coconut trees are all over the city, and the scenery is quiet.There is fine sand on Tanjung Jialin beach, 8 kilometers away. From July to August, turtles lay eggs on the beach. Tourists come here to visit and form a lively night market.

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Summary of MYDUN

Dungun port (port code: MYDUN / MYDGN) is a small river estuary port for cargo handling. It is situated on the east coast of the Malaysian Peninsula.
The port allows for a maximum draft of 2 meters and has facilities for handling dry bulk. It used to be an iron ore export port with light rail extending to the West to Wuji Bixi iron mine and a fishing port. But it is now closed for commercial traffic. Only lighters loading iron ore for vessels at anchorage use the port.