Conakry (GNCKY)

Port Code GNCKY City Conakry
Port Name Conakry Country/Region Guinea
Category Port City Route WEST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Conakry (GNCKY)



The Port of Conakry is located on the island of Tombo on the southwest coast of Guinea. It is on the east side of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the largest seaport in Guinea and also a bauxite mine. It is also one of the largest seaports in West Africa. Founded in 1985, it straddles Tombo Island and the Kalum Peninsula. It is now the capital of Guinea and the political, economic and cultural center of the country.

Route: West Africa, Danish Maersk Line (MAERSK) has liners directly to Hong Kong.

Guinea has 18 billion tons of bauxite reserves, with a grade of 50% to 60%, and an annual output of 12 million tons, ranking first in Africa and second in the world. The port is a major transportation hub, with seawalls and railway bridges connecting with the mainland. One of the east-west railway lines goes directly to Kankan (KANKAN), and the other railway connects to FRIA in the north. The road connects with major domestic towns and can reach neighboring countries such as Mali, Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire. The main industries include oil refining, vehicle repair, textiles, canned fruits, meat processing, oil extraction and cigarettes. The port is about 15km away from the international airport , and there are regular flights to all parts of the world.

The port has a tropical rainforest climate, with northerly wind prevailing in January and southerly wind in July. The maximum annual average temperature is 34℃, and the maximum temperature is 18℃. The annual average rainfall is about 3000mm, and the rainy season is from May to November.

There are 9 main berths in the port area, with a coastline of 1904m and a maximum water depth of 11m. The loading and unloading equipment includes various truck cranes, forklifts, conveyors, floating cranes, tugs and ro-ro facilities, among which the maximum lifting capacity of the truck crane is 50 tons, the floating crane is 60 tons, and the maximum power of the tug is 1400kW. The oil pipeline with a diameter of 250mm is 1610m long. The warehouse area in the port area is 59,000 square meters, and the warehouse area is 25,000 square meters. Loading and unloading efficiency: 1,000 tons of ore is loaded per hour. The annual cargo handling capacity is about 8 million tons. In addition to bauxite, the main export goods include iron ore and bananas. Imported goods mainly include petroleum, machinery, rice and daily necessities. During holidays, if necessary, work can be arranged, but workers must be negotiated.

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Summary of GNCKY

Conakry Port (port code: GNCKY) is the Guinea 's principal port. It is located on the south coast of Guinea, on the island of Tombo.
The port has facilities for handling both wet and dry cargoes. It handles approximately 7 million tons of cargo and 80,000TEU annually. The principal exports from this port are bauxite and alumina. The main imports include manufactured goods, cement, sugar, flour and rice.
Each year about 800 vessels visit this port, among which around 51% are cargo vessels, 26.5% are fishing vessels, and 14% are tankers. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 262 meters. The maximum draught is 12 meters. The maximum deadweight is 64,050t.