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Colima (MXCOL)

Colima, State of Colima, Mexico

Port Code MXCOL Port Name Colima
City Colima Country/Region Mexico
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 19.166667 Longitude -103.883333
Colima Port (port code: MXCOL) is an inland port in central-western Mexico. It lies along the Colima River in the northeastern part of the Colima state, in the Sierra Madre foothills, close to Manzanillo Port, Mexico’s largest port.
The port is one of the most important and oldest in Mexico. Daily activity is a challenge as the port cannot stop or pause activities. Due to the high demand of heavy traffic in the port, Constructora Integral de Colima was looking to improve its pavements through a durable and innovative solution in which the road would not be affected by wear, cracks and demanding container loads.

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