Ciudad Bolivar (VECIB)

Port Code VECIB / VECBL City Ciudad Bolivar
Port Name Ciudad Bolivar Country/Region Venezuela
Category Port City Route SOUTH AMERICA EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Ciudad Bolivar (VECIB)



      Venezuela River port.It is located in the South Bank of the middle reaches of Orinoco River, when the standard of west 4 area is adopted.The maximum draft is 8.2m.The loading density of water is 1000.The tidal change is 1.2m.The prevailing wind direction is east wind.The port is managed by the person in charge of the port.Forced pilotage.Radio contact at port aldas.The working hours are 24 hours.Service facilities include ship repair, fuel tank, fresh water, motor boat, food, medical facilities, repatriation, no tugboat, sewage, dry dock, etc.The port is located on the right bank of Orinoco River and has four berths, three of which are along the river bank for local traffic.A floating wharf is 90 meters long. In dry season, the water depth at the front is 8.23 meters. A cargo conveyor belt and a 7-ton mobile crane are installed.The flow velocity in the river is 3.5 knots.There is no tugboat in the port, but the pilot will help to berth.

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Summary of VECIB

Ciudad Bolivar Port (VECIB / VECBL) is the principal port for the upper part of Rio Orinoco and a distribution centre for the whole river basin. It is situated on the right bank, 241 nautical miles up the River Orinoco.
The port offers facilities for handling break bulk and dry bulk. The main exports from this port are cattle, hides, diamonds, gold and balata. And the principal exports include construction materials, metal goods and foodstuffs.
The maximum draught permitted by this port varies due to seasonal changes. In dry season, from December to May, it is 4.8 meters, while in rainy season, from June to November, it is 9.1 meters.