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Chihuahua (MXCUU)

Chihuahua, State of Chihuahua, Mexico

Port Code MXCUU / MXCMH Port Name Chihuahua
City Chihuahua Country/Region Mexico
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 28.816667 Longitude -106.433333
Chihuahua Port (port code: MXCUU / MXCMH) is an inland port in northern Mexico. It is situated along the Chuviscar River.
Because of its proximity to the United States, Chihuahua was strategically important to Mexico. It is the leading producer in the republic of non-ferrous minerals and zinc, and is second nationwide in silver extraction. Agricultural production makes up only 6% of the total GSP, however the state is the leading producer of apples, nuts, cattle and sheep raising nationally, and second in pine and oak trees harvested.
The principal exports leaving the Chihuahua Port is livestock products, such as beef, and minerals.

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