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Canical (PTCNL)

Canical, Madeira Autonomous Region, Portugal

Port Code PTCNL Port Name Canical
City Canical Country/Region Portugal
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 32.74 Longitude -16.74
Canical port (port code: PTCNL) is a small port in Portugal. Situated 4 nautical miles west of the east extremity of Ilha da Madeira, the port is being developed to replace Funchal as the main freight handling and Industrial Free Zone port for Ilha da Maderia.
The port is sheltered by two breakwaters and can accommodate six ocean going vessels simultaneously. The majority of vessels regularly calling at the port is sailing vessels, accounting for 55.88%. Allowing a maximum draught of 7.5 meters and a maximum deadweight of 8450t, the port had once accommodated a vessel that is 130 meters long.

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