Bremerhaven Port (DEBRV)

Port Code DEBRV City Bremerhaven
Port Name BREMERHAVEN Country/Region Germany
Category Port City Route EUROPEAN BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Bremerhaven Port (DEBRV)


Bremerhaven, which can also be translated as Bremerhaven (Traditional Chinese)/Bremerhaven, located at the mouth of the Weser River in northwestern Germany, and Bremen form the smallest federal state in Germany Bremen, there is a distance of 60 kilometers between the two cities. It is the central city of the "Elbe-Weser triangle" between the Elbe and the lower Weser River, and is the only large city with a population of more than 100,000 among the coastal cities on the North Sea in Germany. Bremerhaven is one of the cities in the "Bremen-Oldenburg Metropolitan Area" designated by the European Union, and is on the borderline with the "Hamburg Metropolitan Area".

Relying on its ocean-going port area, Bremerhaven is Germany's main export gateway and ranks among the largest port cities in Europe. In addition, it is also an important research center in Germany, and was named a "Science City" by the German Association of Science Foundations in 2005.

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Summary of DEBRV

Bremerhaven port (Port Code: DEBRV)is the fourth-largest container port in Europe and the second-largest German seaport, especially for automobile transshipment on a First-class automobile terminal,is located in the North Sea coast in Germany and 32 nautical miles from the open sea.

Bremen and Bremerhaven terminals can work with almost every type of cargo, including containers, cars, bulk and bulk goods, hazardous goods, or projects, with the support of 14 berths for mega-container vessels. The ports of Bremen have almost 100,000 parking spaces, half of them covered, for automobile handling. This service has established the ports of Bremen as one of the largest automobile hubs in the world.