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Boca Chica (DOBCA)

Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Port Code DOBCA / DOBCC Port Name Boca Chica
City Boca Chica Country/Region Dominican Republic
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 18.4528 Longitude -69.6077
Boca Chica Port (port code: DOBCA / DOBCC) is one of three ports serving the capital city of Santo Domingo. It is situated approximately 32 kilometers east of the city.
The port of was originally built to serve the Boca Chica Sugar Mill and to export sugar. However, it is now almost exclusively used for import cargoes, mainly trailers, containers and some lumber, newsprint, and homogeneous cargoes.
The port provides facilities for handling break bulk, containers and dry bulk. Each year over 200 vessels visit the port annually.

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