Ben Thui (VNBTI)

Port Code VNBTI City Vinh City
Port Name Ben Thui Country/Region Viet Nam
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Ben Thui (VNBTI)



      Vietnam commercial port.It is located on the left bank of the lower reaches of the Lan River in the southeast suburb of Rongshi, the capital of Yijing Province in the middle and north of the country, about 10.8 nautical miles away from the estuary, and near the Beibu Bay of the South China Sea.It is 165 nautical miles away from Haiphong port in the north, 170 nautical miles away from Hongji port in the south, 95 nautical miles away from Donghai port and 185 nautical miles away from Danang in the south;It is about 180 nautical miles east of the eight ports in Hainan, China.The harbor is affected by tides, with spring tide rising by 2.8 meters, neap tide rising by 2.4 meters, and average sea level of 1.7 meters. It is also affected by the flood of Lanjiang River.The maximum draught of the ship entering the port is 4.5. When the draught exceeds 4.5 meters, it is necessary to reduce the load at the anchorage outside the estuary and northwest of the island.There are three "t" shaped wharves in the harbor, the longest one is 200 meters long, and the water depth along the side is 2.3 meters;The others are short and the port facilities are simple.

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Summary of VNBTI

Ben Thuy Port (port code: VNBTI), also known as Nghe Tinh Port, is a trading port on the mouth of the Ca River in Vietnam. It is situated about 10.8 nautical miles away from the estuary, and 12 kilometers far from Cua Hoi to the northeast, in the east of Vinh city.
The port has two port areas, namely Ben Thuy and Xuan Hai areas. Ben Thuy involved in shipbuilding and repair, with two cargo handling berths. Xuan Hai has one quay handling general cargo. There is also a transshipment area, Hon Ngu Transshipment Area, which handles deep-draft vessels.