Beilun Port (CNBEI)

Port Code CNBEI City Ningbo
Port Name NINGBO>BEILUN Country/Region China
Category Port Route CHINA MAINLAND
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Beilun Port (CNBEI)


Beilun Port Beilun Pt (Porto of Beilun) is a well-known large-scale deep-water port in China, and it is also China's largest mining port and a large petrochemical port. It is now part of Ningbo Zhoushan Port.

Related Introduction

The administrative area of ​​the whole district is 845 square kilometers (including sea area), of which the ocean, river, and port area are 260 square kilometers, accounting for 30.8% of the total area, and the land area is 585 square kilometers (including inland water area), accounting for 69.2% of the total area. .

Geographical conditions

Beilun Port is located on the east coast of China, on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, in the middle of the Chinese coastline, close to Hangzhou Bay and the mouth of the Yangtze River. It is now under the jurisdiction of Ningbo City (Beilun District), Zhejiang Province.

Beilun Port has unique natural conditions, with Zhoushan Islands as a natural barrier. The waves are calm, and about 98% of the days each year have only waves of level 1 to 2. The water depth of Beilun Port is 20 meters, and the main channel is 50 meters deep. It does not freeze or silt all the year round. If there are extreme storms above level 12 on the sea, it can accommodate 300 ships of more than 100,000 tons to enter the port for shelter. It is one of China's fine deep-water ports. It is also a rare haven in the world.

Unloading ability

It can handle 100,000-ton, 200,000-ton, and 300,000-ton cargo ships and tankers.

Directly under the scope

In the coastal waters, there are Jintang Port, Chuanshan Port, Zhitouyang, Meishan Port, and the harbors are dotted with islands. Xinqi Street, the seat of the District People’s Government, is 28 kilometers away from the seat of the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government and 168 kilometers away from the seat of the Provincial People’s Government (both are straight-line distances). The population of the whole district is about 327,000. Four locations in the district: the junction of Shitou ocean surface and Putuo District in the east; the junction of Meishan Port ocean surface and Putuo District and Yinzhou District in the south; the west boundary from Yongjiang River to Xiangshan Port ocean surface and Xiangshan County, the total length of the land boundary line is determined to be 44 kilometers; The northwest borders Zhenhai District with the center line of the Yongjiang River; the north Jintang Ocean meets Dinghai District (the administrative division of Daxie Island still belongs to Beilun District).

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