Batu Pahat Port (MYBTP)

Port Code MYBTP / MYBAT City Batu Pahat
Port Name BATU PAHAT Country/Region Malaysia
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Batu Pahat Port (MYBTP)


      West coast port, Johor, Malaysia.The population is about 53000.It is located in the inner side of the mouth of the bazubaha River, and is adjacent to the Malacca Strait in the south. The mouth is deep and wide, and medium-sized ships can reach it.Highway hub.Industrial and commercial development.There are steel windows, textile, electronics, plastics, chemical fertilizer, paper products and other factories in the three suburban industrial areas, which are famous for producing gauze cages.There are more shipping and trade links with Indonesia.There is bauxite.Along the two banks of the river, coconut forest is broad, and pepper, oil palm and so on are planted.Hekou minawu is a tourist destination.Stone and laterite are excavated for building materials in wanlang mountain nearby.

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Summary of MYBTP

Batu Pahat Port (port code: MYBTP / MYBAT), also called Bandar Penggaram Port, is a coast port in Johor, Malaysia. It is situated on the Strait of Malacca in the inner side of the mouth of the Batu Pahat River, which is deep and wide enough for medium-sized ships, and 50 kilometers to the southeast of Muar and about 52 kilometers to the southeast of Kluang.
The port was once a ferry point for road traffic across the river.