Aqaba Port (JOAQJ)

Port Code JOAQJ City Aqaba
Port Name AQABA Country/Region Jordan
Category Port City Route THE RED SEA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Aqaba Port (JOAQJ)


      The commercial port of the kingdom of Jordan in West Asia.Iraq transit port.It is located at the top of Aqaba Bay in the southwest Red Sea of the country. It is 2 nautical miles away from Eilat port of Israel in the west, 276 nautical miles away from port Suez in the west, 569 nautical miles away from Chittagong in the south, 639 nautical miles away from Port Sudan and 1142 nautical miles away from Mander Strait.There are four main port areas along the coast of the port: the general terminal area is in the south of the town. There is a deep-water wharf extending 1061 meters, which can dock six cargo ships with a draught of 10 meters. The No.1 berth in the south of the wharf is also used for grain import, and the No.2 and No.3 berths are also used for containers. There are three berths at the north end and the east side of the north. The total length of the wharf line is 450 meters, and the deep water is only 5.8-8 meters;Apatite wharf is close to the south of the general cargo wharf. There are two butterfly berths. Berth a is 210 meters long and 11 meters deep. It can dock ore ships with draft of 10.3 meters;Berth B is 180 meters long and 15.5 meters deep, and can dock 10 DWT ore carriers;The passenger terminal and container terminal are 3 nautical miles south of the main port. There are 2 container berths and 3 general cargo berths, with a water depth of 15 meters.There is also a ro ro berth in the north of the terminal;Industrial port area: there are oil wharf, timber wharf and phosphate fertilizer factory wharf, which are 12 nautical miles south of the main port.The oil terminal has one berth, with reliable berthing capacity of 300000 tons;There are 2 berths of timber wharf, with 15000 tons of berths;The chemical fertilizer plant wharf is a 200 meter long "t" type wharf with a front water depth of 22 meters and can dock two 50000 ton ships.Half of the goods were transferred to Iraq.

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Summary of JOAQJ

Aqaba Port (port code: JOAQJ) is the only seaport in the kingdom of Jordan in West Asia. It lies at the southernmost tip of Jordan on the northeast shores of the Gulf of Aqaba, 2 nautical miles away from Eilat port of Israel in the west.
Located on a 40-kilometer strip of coastline between Israel and Saudi Arabia, the port is the only access to the sea for Jordan. It handles 78% of Jordan’s exports and 65% of the country’s imports. Covering a total area of two million square meters, including 1.7 million square meters of land and 380.8 square meters of sea, it contains three main areas: the main port zone, the containers port zone, and the industrial port zone. The main port zone contains 12 berths for handling general cargoes and grain, exporting phosphate, and supporting roll-on/roll-off and lighter traffic. The containers port zone is located five kilometers south of the main port area and contains seven berths of a total one thousand meters in length. The industrial port zone is located 18 kilometers south of the main port zone and handles oil, timber, and industrial products.
The port handles approximately 17 million tons of cargo and 587,500TEU annually. The principal exports leaving this port are phosphates, tar products, cement, fruit. The main imports entering this port include general cargo, building materials, grain and machinery.
Each year about 2,700 vessels and 1.2 million passengers visit this port. The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are container ships, accounting for around 51%; and passenger ships, taking up around 14%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 369 meters. The maximum draught is 14.7 meters. The maximum deadweight is 156,198t.

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