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Amuay (VEAMY)

Amuay, Falcon State, Venezuela

Port Code VEAMY Port Name Amuay
City Amuay Country/Region Venezuela
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Amuay Bay Port (Port Code: VEAMY) is a port situated on the southwestern coast of the Paraguana Peninsula, on the eastern side of the Golfo de Venezuela. The Lagoven refinery Operated by PDVSA Petroleo Y Gas SA is a port of entry and is used by tankers discharging crude and loading refined oil products. Four finger piers provide 8 berths which are joined by a common causeway to Punta Judibana. There is also a petroleum coke dry bulk berth at nearby Punta Adaro, handling vessels up to 80,000DWT. Approximately 800 vessels are handled annually. The types of vessels regularly calling at the port are Oil Products Tanker, Crude Oil Tanker, Tug, Cargo.

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