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Ajaccio (FRAJA)

Ajaccio, Corsica Island, France

Port Code FRAJA Port Name Ajaccio
City Ajaccio Country/Region France
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 41.925915 Longitude 8.742398
Ajaccio port (port code: FRAJA) is situated on the western coast of Corsica, France. It is an important passenger ferry terminal providing facilities for yachts and small craft. It also offers facilities for the handling of general cargo, bulk oil products and liquefied gas.
The port of Ajaccio is connected to the French mainland on an almost daily basis (Marseille, Toulon, Nice). There are also occasional links to the Italian mainland (Livorno) and to Sardinia, as well as a seasonal service serving Calvi and Propriano.
The port handles approximately 940,000 tons of cargo and 1,163,000 passengers per year.

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