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Agadir (MAAGA)

Agadir, Souss-Massa Region, Morocco

Port Code MAAGA Port Name Agadir
City Agadir Country/Region Morocco
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 30.42149925 Longitude -9.633999825
Agadir Port (port code: MAAGA) is Morocco’s main fishing port and fourth busiest commercial port. Situated on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, ten kilometers north of the Sous Valley, it is the main gateway and point of export for goods from south Morocco.
Covering a total area of 68 hectares, the port contains a total of 1334 meters of quay at depths between 8 and 15 meters. The East Quay contains three berths and facilities for roll-on/roll-off cargoes. The quay is 510 meters long with alongside depth of 10.5 meters. Equipped with one 45-ton crane, 40 elevators, three loaders, and seven six-ton cranes on rails, the quay handles cargoes that include citrus fruits, coal, wood and wood products, and steamers. Western Quay is the oil tanker quay. It is 160 meters long with alongside depth of 15 meters. With four loaders and one sauterelle with capacity for 550 tons per hour, the Western Quay handles clinker cement and ores for export. The Southern Quay is 64 meters long with alongside depth of 8 meters. Equipped with pipes and four loading arms, this tanker quay handles hydrocarbons, sulfuric acid, and edible oils. The Container Quay has two berths at a total of 280 meters alongside depth of 10.5 meters. Covering ten hectares, the container quay has two container cranes, one 42-ton and one eight-ton elevator, and three six-ton cranes on rails. In addition to containerized cargoes, the container quay handles citrus fruits, frozen fish, and other goods.
The port offers facilities for handling break bulk, liquid and dry bulk. It handles approximately 2.3 million tons of cargo and 35,000TEU annually. The main imports entering this port include cereals, coal, oil, coke and general cargoes. The principal exports leaving this port are mainly citrus fruits and frozen fish.
The port is approached via an entrance channel 200meters in length with a depth of 9.0 meters. It is only used by naval and fishing vessels. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 250 meters. The maximum draught is 12.5 meters. The maximum deadweight is 82,067t.

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