Adabiya Port (EGADA)

Port Code EGADA City Adabiya
Port Name ADABIYA Country/Region Egypt
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Adabiya Port (EGADA)

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Summary of EGADA

Adabiya port (port code: EGADA) is situated on the western coast of Suez Gulf, and is 17 kilometers south of Port Suez, covering 158 square kilometers of water area and 0.8 square kilometers of land area.
The port consists of 9 berths with estimated length of 1840 meters and draft between 27 and 42 feet. Having a maximum capacity of 7.3 million tones yearly, it handles approximately 800,000t of cargo and 640 vessels annually.
The principal cargoes handled are grain and other foodstuffs. Main exports are urea, cement, rice and steel coils. Exports include sugar, wheat, palm oil, scrap and cattle.